The Dr. Kush Company

The Dr. Kush Company Accepts All Orders Via The "Order Form" or Via Voice at 204-558-KUSH.

The Order Form is Open: Monday to Friday 12 A.M-7 P.M, 

Our Operator Via Voice Will be Available Monday to Friday 11:30-7:00 P.M

All orders made via the "Order Form" between 12 A.M-11:30 A.M Will be delivered before 2:30 P.M that day. All Orders made between 11:30 A.M -3:00 PM will be delivered with the next available courier. Average wait time for that time period can vary between 30-90 minutes. Outer areas of the city could experience an additional 25-50 minutes.  Orders from 3-6 P.M  should arrive within 120 minutes. Orders After 6 P.M will arrive before 8:30 P.M

*You can request a time frame when you like your order delivered: Please write your request in the additional notes. 

Examples are Between 5-7 pm or after 6 P.M,

Allow for a 2 Hour Window.

Please understand that a specific time is unachievable with our current system. Example: Deliver @ 3 P.M.

* If the order form is not open/present this means we have stopped taking orders for the day. 

This could occur because of high volume or insuffecient stock.

Questions/General Inquires can be made to

New Customers Please Read

The Dr. Kush Company will be needing a verification form filled out for all new customers.

We had been under a  bombardment of phantom orders to remote areas of the city. This is why we implemented our verification process.

All previous customers whom received a successful delivery can place your order as usual.

All new customers must now become verified, this will require a reference from an existing customer:

All new customers please fill out a new customer form with all the information provided: Link Bellow